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PSE’s Will Jenkins “Why I Chose the Vendetta”

By Will Jenkins

Will Jenkins

PSE’s Will Jenkins Vendetta

The PSE line up is a big one with a ton of great bows. They are all unique and offer something slightly different but it can be overwhelming. So I took to the internet reading everything I could about the various bows. I like a decent brace height and ATA. I like bows to be forgiving and comfortable. Eventually I was deciding between the EVO 7 and the Vendetta. As a bowhunter I wanted something smooth. I like being able to easily draw my bow smoothly when hunting.

Will Jenkins

PSE’s Will Jenkins Bow

After reading as much as I could I decided the Vendetta was my best shot at a smooth bow with a good brace height and still gets some good speed with my short draw length. With no pro shops close by I’m usually limited by my research and while I’m a huge proponent of shooting what feels good to you, I got lucky on this one. Once my Vendetta came in I frantically called and texted my good friend Tim Johnson so we could get together to set my bow up. Tim is an ace with a bow and by the time he was done with my Vendetta, it was a perfect fit.

I picked the Vendetta for it smooth draw and it definitely delivered. I can’t get enough of shooting this bow it’s simply that good. The smooth draw and solid back wall make it easy to draw undetected and stay at full draw for a long time if needed. For those reasons I have it at around 65 pounds of draw weight. With the Vendetta’s draw cycle it barely feels like I’m drawing any weight at all and I can stay at full draw for a long time with little fatigue. While speed is good these are the most important factors to me as a bowhunter. Speed is great but doesn’t do much good if I can’t get the bow drawn and hold it there when needed.

Will Jenkins

PSE’s Will Jenkins X Force Vendetta

I outfitted my Vendetta with the Aries sight, PSE X 5 Arrow Quiver and an 8″ 9oz Vibracheck Omega Stabilizer. All the pieces come together nicely to make a great shooting bow. I’m extremely impressed with my 2012 Vendetta and can’t wait to see how the 2013 models shoot.

Will Jenkins is creator of TheWilltoHunt.com and Harnesses For Hunters. He’s an avid outdoorsman who enjoys sharing his experiences through his blog. He also writes for Bow Adventures e-Magazine and is a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association.

Will lives in Central Virginia with his wife and two kids. He hunts in Virginia and Maryland but has dreams of heading west to hunt Elk and Mule Deer.

Keep your eye out for the #elktour DVD over on huntography.com! Watch PSE’s Emily Anderson and Dustin Jones hunt elk DIY style on our amazing public lands in the Western United States. Huntography also films a deer hunting DVD called #deertour which you will be able to watch PSE’s Will Jenkins hunt whitetails. Huntography…filming America’s hunters, one at a time!

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Dr. Jolene C. Hardy – A Bowhunting Doctor! Pt 1

Dr. Jolene C. Hardy - All bundled up!

Dr. Jolene C. Hardy - All bundled up!

Is there a doctor in the house? Maybe not, but there’s one in camp, and she’s a bow hunter! Yea, you heard right, we said she!

Dr. Jolene C. Hardy is the wife of PSE’s Pro Staffer Tracy Hardy. Jolene is a fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine, at the University of Arizona. (For all you archers with sore shoulders. . .) Jolene has been exposed to archery for several years but recently got serious after she and Tracy married in June 2010. Shortly after they were married, Jolene left Tucson for Salt Lake City to complete her final year of training at the University of Utah, while Tracy held the fort down. During their separation, the two seized every opportunity to rendezvous…including a 10 day Mule deer hunt in Colorado. Jolene drove from Salt Lake to meet her husband in Rangely where Tracy had traveled with their RV.

The following days exposed Jolene to bow hunting in ways that were new, exciting and unexpected to her.

“I really didn’t know what to expect, and fell in love with glassing the open sage country, watching the deer and elk from a distance.One blustery morning just before sunrise Tracy spotted a small herd of bachelor bucks walking a fence line single file. When I saw all those antlers silhouetted against the morning sky, I got so excited! We spent the rest of the time hunting those deer, and we had several chances. Tracy even got a shot at the big 4 pointer. We tried hard but ended up without a deer. Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time!” said Jolene.

After sad goodbyes on the side of the highway, Jo and Tracy drove their separate ways back to Tucson and Salt Lake. Upon arriving in Tucson, Tracy discovered that he had drawn a coveted Gould’s Turkey tag in central Arizona and the next trip was penned into the day planner! In April, Jolene flew to Tucson to be with Tracy when he harvested his Turkey.

Tomorrow we find out what happens on their other adventures!

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