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The PSE TAC Elite…An Integrated Crossbow

2013 PSE TAC Elite

2013 PSE TAC Elite

Pre-Order Now From Your Local PSE Dealer!Pre-Order from your local dealer now!

All the revolutionary features and benefits of the PSE TAC Ordnance™ are available in the new PSE TAC Elite™. PLUS, the Elite™ features a fully adjustable stock and a crisp trigger. Completely redesigned for 2013, The new PSE TAC Elite™ takes the original TAC 15i design to a whole new level and has been designed to be more accurate, more efficient and more durable than ever before!

PSE TAC crossbows convert most AR-15s quickly and easily from a gun to a crossbow. By integrating the trigger, stock and grip into the barrel, the PSE TAC Elite™ crossbow has all the features and performance of the PSE TAC Ordnance™ crossbow in a stand-alone crossbow package. The PSE TAC crossbows are truly a revolution in crossbow engineering and design!

The New PSE TAC Series… a Revolution in Crossbow Design.

A marvel of innovation, only PSE could bring you the TAC Series of crossbows. It all starts by incorporating the incredibly strong X- Tech™ limbs into an extremely compact platform. The ultra-high performance twin-cam design is capable of unprecedented performance. The rail-less design and conventional style release provide the ultimate in accuracy and efficiency.

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