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Team PSE’s Mike Miller takes the Arizona Triple Crown Championship in the Open Masters Division

PSE's Mike Miller

PSE’s Mike Miller

I have been involved with archery for many years, I have competed in several styles and in several age groups. Now that I am in the Masters Division shooting with individuals that have all been past champions, it is critical to have an accurate, versatile and forgiving bow.

I had my eye on PSE a couple of years ago and even though I was very happy with what I was shooting at the time, it was apparent to me that PSE‘s engineers had really met the design needs of today’s competitive archers and hunters. I could not be more satisfied with the equipment that PSE produces. They are fast, accurate, forgiving, quiet, no hand shock, and good looking too.

I own an Omen Pro, Supra ME, and a Bow Madness XL. All are quality products that can be shot with confidence if you are hunting, competing or just having fun at the range.

Mike Miller

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