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Inside Archery – Jon and Pete Shepley of PSE Archery – Raising the Bar

By Michaelean Pike – Inside Archery Magazine

Jon and Pete Shepley of PSE Archery - Raising the Bar

Jon and Pete Shepley of PSE Archery - Raising the Bar

If there’s one thing that our late editor, Bill Krenz, taught me in terms of writing, it’s the importance of using free association to hone an idea. The industry personnel we profile in our Inside Archery cover stories are fascinating people to listen to, and finding the thread of a story that does them justice can be a challenge. So after I’ve listened to the interviews, I sit down and brainstorm words that seem to fit the interview subject.

It’s usually at this point that I’ll start to notice a theme, giving me a better idea for the angle of the story. It might be something the cover story subject said, a particular turn of phrase that seemed to sum up their business philosophy. It might be an emphasis on technology or service. It might be a personality trait of the cover story subject that came through the interview.That last was certainly the case this month as I was listening to the interview with PSE’s new president, Jon Shepley. Sure, he spoke at length about PSE’s investment in engineering, in the company’s pursuit of excellence, of his desire to create a positive work culture.

But what came through that interview most clearly was the strength of his personality. His drive. His tenacity. His commitment to attaining his goals. I made my list. I put it aside for a bit while I did more research on PSE. That’s when I picked up an old issue of Inside Archery, one from January 2003, and flipped to the cover story Bill had written for that issue. This is what I read: “Vision” is the art of seeing things that are invisible to most people. In the archery industry, that most often takes the form of seeing product trends before they become obvious…

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