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Curtis Goettsch’s PSE Dream Season EVO Gobbled-Up Gobblers

Curtis Goettsch Turkey

PSE’s Curtis Goettsch Turkey Hunt

Editor’s Note: Curtis Goettsch of Elkader, Iowa, has several reasons for loving PSE bows.

Since I already had taken a buck early in the season, I decided to go to my tree stand during the rut and take a doe, because I still had a doe tag. I had shot my buck on October 17, 2011. This hunt was on November 5, which was still fairly early in the season. I was curious to see how the rut was progressing, even though I couldn’t shoot a buck. Besides the doe tag, I still had two turkey tags on my hunting license. In Iowa, you can take turkeys in the fall and during the spring.

I got into my tree stand before daylight, and as the sun was coming-up I saw three gobblers in a tree. I knew that there had been some turkeys roosting in this area, since I’d seen and heard them during the early part of bow season. When the turkeys flew out of the tree, two of the gobblers flew away from me, and one flew toward me. I didn’t know how I could draw the bow without their seeing me, so when they flew out of the tree, I went ahead and drew my bow. The gobbler that flew toward me landed 15-yards from my stand. Since I was already at full draw, I aimed at his wing butt. When I released the arrow, I got a clean pass through. The gobbler jumped straight up in the air, landed on his back and never moved again. This was the second turkey I had taken with my PSE Dream Season EVO.


PSE’s Hunter in a Tree Stand

The first turkey I took was earlier in the spring of 2011. I was hunting in the afternoon from a total-concealment blind. I had set up decoys. I began to call and hadn’t seen anything. Eventually, I looked out of one of the back windows in the blind, and spotted a gobbler not 10-feet away. I gave a few light calls out the front of the blind and then sat still and waited. Finally, the gobbler walked around the blind toward the decoys but didn’t hold tight to the decoys. I had to wait until he was about 23-yards out from the blind, before I could take the shot. When I shot, I hit the gobbler exactly where I was aiming. The bird ran about 20 yards, after a clean pass through, and then dropped dead.

I’m often asked why I shoot the PSE Dream Season EVO. I explain that the EVO has improved my level of shooting skill, both in tournament archery and in bowhunting. If you want to up your game and be a better bowhunter or tournament archer, PSE can help you do both. Yes, equipment does make a difference. The reason I chose the PSE Dream Season EVO was that I talked to a lot of people about the bow, then I shot the bow, and I found it to be the best bow that I could use. I don’t believe any bow company is coming close to the speed that this bow produces. I go to tournament-archery shoots, and the officials have a chronograph set up to record the speed of the arrow coming-out of the bow. Most of the time, my arrow coming out of the PSE Dream Season EVO will record the fastest speed of any arrow. My arrow is usually 10 feet per second faster than any other contestant’s arrow at the shoot. However, when you’re shooting an arrow that’s that much faster, you have more margin for error. If you misjudge the distance, the drop of the fast arrow is much less than the drop of a slower arrow. I shoot the PSE Dream Season EVO, because it makes me a better and more accurate bowhunter and a more accurate 3D archer. Too, it helps me win at bow sports.

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Curtis Goettsch Takes a Nice Buck with his PSE Dream Season Evo


PSE’s Curtis Goettsch

Editor’s Note: Curtis Goettsch of Elkader, Iowa has several reasons for loving PSE bows.

I hardly could wait for bow season to arrive. I put out trail cameras in August of 2011 and maintained them until October when bow season started. I had found a really nice buck with my trail cameras. Three days before I harvested this buck, I had trail camera pictures of his creating a scrape not 50-yards from where I took him. This buck was a 9 pointer and scored 135 inches.

I went out that morning, and I got to my stand well before sunrise. Just as first light brightened up the dark woods, I could hear deer in the woods around me. My stand was about 50-yards from a Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) grass field. As I looked out into the CRP field, I saw the sun reflecting from antlers. I spotted a fork horn buck coming in downwind of me toward the scrape where I was set up. The scrape was about 10-yards in front of my stand. The little fork horn came in and worked the scrape upwind of me. Apparently the buck in the CRP field either saw or winded the fork horn buck. I could see the buck from the CRP field steadily walking toward the scrape where the fork horn had been. As the buck came in, I recognized him as the buck that I had seen on my trail camera pictures. I hadn’t really made the decision to shoot him since the only time I’d seen him was in the pictures. He came in and worked the same scrape that the fork horn had worked.

Curtis Goettsch Hunting

White Tail Deer

I finally made the decision that I would take him once I got a really good look at him. However, he was so close that I didn’t dare draw on him. The buck sensed that something was wrong, even though he hadn’t seen or smelled me. He looked my way, but he didn’t look at me. He started trotting off, and he was moving away from me. I drew my PSE Dream Season EVO. He stopped, slightly quartering away and broadside to me at 20 yards. I had an opening in the brush with a clean shot at his vital area. When I released the arrow, I got a clean pass through. The buck trotted off. I watched him jump a fence and go back about 40-yards out into the grassy field from where he’d come. I was able to see him go down, and I knew I had made good on my shot. My PSE Dream Season EVO had done its job. I had assumed the buck would score somewhere between 130 and 140 on the P&Y scale and when we put a tape on him, he measured 134 – 4/8. So, the first year that I had the PSE Dream Season EVO, I won my first 3D archery tournament and took a really nice buck, but that’s not the end of the story.

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Curtis Goettsch’s Hunting World Changed in 1996 When He Took Two Deer with His PSE Bow

Curtis Goettsch Bow Hunting

PSE’s Curtis Goettsch

Editor’s Note: Curtis Goettsch of Elkader, Iowa, has several reasons for loving PSE bows.

When I bought my first PSE bow, the PSE Polaris Express, I was in high school, and a neighbor of mine was shooting that bow. Later he put it for sale, and I bought it. I bought the bow to deer hunt with and started off shooting aluminum arrows. When I finally laid it down, I had put a Whisker Biscuit arrow rest on it as well as new sights and was using carbon arrows. I changed a lot of things on the bow, but I never changed bows, because that bow did everything I needed it to do when I was hunting. I mainly bought the bow because of its speed. At that time, it was one of the fastest bows on the market, and it was quiet. The only reason I bought another bow was because the newer bows were so much faster. Today I shoot the PSE Dream Season Evo. If that old Polaris Express had the speed that we can get from bows today I still would be shooting it. I used that bow until 2006, I’ve taken deer out to 50 yards and still own it, even though I don’t shoot it any more.

Curtis Goettsch PSE

Bow Hunting

The first deer I ever harvested, I took with my Polaris Express. She was a mature doe, and I shot her during the early season. Later that year I took a 145-inch 10-point buck with that same bow. The doe came in about 25 yards. When the doe took the arrow, I knew that I had hit her, but I was new to bowhunting and wasn’t sure how well I’d placed the arrow. So, I backed out of the woods and didn’t pressure the deer. After I felt like I’d given her enough time to lie down, I went back and blood trailed her. She only had gone 60 yards. I remember how excited I was to actually have taken a deer with a bow and arrow. Up until I took that doe, I  had only  riffle hunted. When I took that doe, and later that season took a buck, I was hooked on bowhunting and PSE.

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Curtis Goettsch’s First Bow Buck with PSE

Curtis G.

PSE’s Curtis Goettsch

Editor’s Note: Curtis Goettsch of Elkader, Iowa, has several reasons for loving PSE Bows.

I was hunting on public hunting land at a spot I’d found early in the season, when I’d been fall turkey hunting. I had seen a lot of deer in this area, and I thought it might be a good place to try and take a buck. A couple of trails came through this area, with a rub line and scraping activity going on in this spot. Also, this was an ideal funnel region, because on one side was a sheer cliff and on the other side was a creek. So, the deer had to come through this little narrow gap to move from one section of the woods to the other. I didn’t take a stand in the pinch point, but instead set up a little back from the funnel.

The buck came in about 4:50 pm in the afternoon. I saw the height of the antlers and how big they were, but I didn’t take the time to count the points, since earlier in the hunt I’d seen some nice 8-point bucks that were too far away to shoot. I just assumed that this buck was one of those 8-pointers. The buck was chasing a doe. As soon as I saw antlers, I knew that this buck was a shooter. I watched the doe to see which way she was going, knowing that the buck would be right behind her. I could tell that she was probably going to come right under my tree stand, and I was going to have a really close shot with my PSE Polaris Express.

PSE's Curtis Goettsch

White Tail Buck

Now, I had a new problem. I had to determine how to get my bow drawn without the doe’s seeing me, so that I could prepare for a shot at the buck. I wasn’t worried about the buck’s spotting me, since he was intensely focused on the doe. As soon as the doe was directly under me, I drew my bow. The doe stopped when she heard my arm rubbing against my side as I made the draw. When she stopped, the buck stopped. Even though I was at full draw, I hadn’t moved the bow into position to aim. The buck started looking around to see why the doe had stopped. He was broadside to me, but quartering to me just a little. I used my bottom pin to sight-in on the buck, since he was only 25 steps to the base of my tree.

When I shot the buck, he whirled around and went back the direction he’d come from, and then I heard him crash. Since this buck was my first one, I didn’t want to pressure him. I decided to go back to the truck and call my buddy to help me find the deer and drag it out. I told my buddy, “I think I shot a pretty good 8-pointer, and I need you to help me get him out.” My buddy showed up about an hour after I called him, and we followed the blood trail. The buck hadn’t gone very far. When we saw the buck, my buddy went running up to the deer, grabbed the antlers and looked at the deer. He said, “That’s better than an 8-pointer, it’s a 10.” We both got pretty pumped up that the buck was so big. That’s still the biggest buck I’ve ever taken. So, I had taken my first deer, the doe, and the biggest buck I ever had taken with my PSE Polaris Express, all in the same season. I decided that when I had a bow that performed that well, I didn’t need another bow. The Polaris Express had done everything that I had asked it to do and more.

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Why Curtis Goettsch Came Back To PSE

Curtis G

PSE’S Curtis Goettsch

Editor’s Note: Curtis Goettsch of Elkader, Iowa, has several reasons for loving PSE.

By 2006, I had evolved as a bowhunter and had started shooting tournament archery. I changed bows, because another manufacturer was producing a bow that I hoped would not only be a better bow to hunt with but also be better for tournaments. I was shooting in the Bowhunter Class and had become a Mossy Oak Pro. During that time, Mossy Oak and PSE had partnered on several different projects, and I was ready to change bows again. I didn’t really care which bow I shot, as long as the bow could help me be a better bowhunter and a better tournament archer. So, I tested a lot of different bows that were on the market in 2011.

The dealer at the archery shop where I worked had a PSE Dream Season EVO and asked me to try it. I really didn’t like duo-cam bows, since they all had a hard break-over when you hit the let-off point in the draw. However, the EVO had a smooth draw, almost like a single-cam bow. I really couldn’t believe how smooth the draw was. I was also excited about moving up to a faster power performance bow, so the speed and the smooth draw of the PSE Dream Season EVO really got my attention. I was shooting a lot of 3D archery at that time, and I felt that to be competitive, I needed a faster and a better performing bow.

PSE's Curtis Goettsch Bows

Precision Shooting Archery – Compound Bows

I had talked to a lot of people in the bowhunting industry. I also talked to the guy who owned the bow shop, who had shot the PSE Dream Season EVO all winter long and had decided that it was the best bow PSE ever had made. So, with that kind of recommendation, and having shot the bow, I made the decision to go with the PSE Dream Season EVO. During the summer of 2011, I shot my PSE Dream Season EVO in the Bowhunter Class at 3D-archery tournaments before the hunting season arrived. I really feel that’s one of the best ways to break in a new bow – participating in 3-D archery tournaments – so when bow season comes in, you and your new bow are the best you possibly can be. I won my first 3D-archery tournament with the PSE Dream Season EVO. That was really exciting for me, because I never dreamed I could shoot well enough to win a tournament. At the tournament I won, there were 186 archers in the bowhunter class. When I won that tournament, I was feeling really good about my decision to shoot PSE, and I was really excited about the performance of my PSE Dream Season EVO.

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