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2013 PSE Custom Colors are here!


2013 PSE Custom Bow Colors

2013 PSE Custom Bow Colors

Monday, October 1st, we are launching our 2013 PSE Product line! Pre-order from your local PSE Dealer! Here are our custom colors for the year! Lots of surprises to come!:)

Jon Shepley and the engineers at PSE spend a great deal of time designing our bow line each year. They do everything possible to offer a wide selection of bow options that will satisfy the needs of most archers. But, there are customers who need or want something a little different. What if you want a special color that we don’t offer in our catalog? That’s why we created the PSE Special Service Custom Shop. Through our Custom Shop you can let your imagination run wild. Using the multitude of existing components, the Custom Shop can possibly make a one of a kind bow,  just for you.

Important Note:  Not all desired configurations will be possible and always remember our catalog offerings are designed by our engineers for optimal performance.

Are you looking for that special color for your compound bows? We now have many colors to choose from.  Colors will vary from run to run and are available only for Compound bows.

To learn more about PSE’s top quality bows and bowhunting accessories, click here.


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