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Don’t Just Win…Dominate with the PSE Dominator™ Max!

2013 PSE Dominator Max

2013 PSE Dominator Max

Pre-Order Now From Your Local PSE Dealer!Pre-Order from your local dealer now!

At PSE, our goal was not only to engineer a better target bow, but to engineer a target bow that would make our shooters better. We did that by creating a bow that is the most accurate, most forgiving bow ever made. The new Dominator™ MAX still has all the features you would expect; super stable shoot through riser, symmetric Raptor™ grip and fourth generation X-Tech split limbs. But, now it features the all new Centerlock 2™ Limb Pockets, FleX™ Cable Slide and the Backstop 2™. The result is what we believe is the most accurate and forgiving bow ever made. Shoot the new Dominator™ MAX and see why more of the world’s best target shooters are turning to PSE!

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