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PSE’s Georgianna Braden Explains How to Choose the Right Bow to Shoot

PSE'S Archer Georgianna Braden

PSE’S Georgianna Braden

Editor’s Note: Georgianna Braden of Houston, Texas, is a petite, pixie like lady. If you saw her on the street or in the courtroom, you’d never consider her as one of the top female archers. She is not only a tournament archer, but also an avid bowhunter and an advocate for women’s archery. Georgianna, who’s been shooting a bow for 7 years, and her husband Michael are both members of the PSE Pro Staff.

Georgianna Braden’s bow of choice is the PSE Bow Madness. “This bow is very stable, forgiving, and fast,” Braden explains. “This is my competition bow. Many archers choose the Bow Madness as their hunting bow, but I like the Bow Madness for shooting competition archery. I like its axle-to-axle length. Because of the shape of the riser, if my form isn’t perfect every time, the bow is forgiving enough that you don’t see a huge variation of the impact of the arrow when I shoot. I shoot 52 pounds, but the first bow I ever purchased was 27 pounds. As my muscles have become stronger, I’ve been able to increase the weight of the bow I’m pulling by 1 to 2 pounds, and within a couple of months, I was shooting 35 pounds comfortably.

PSE Georgianna

Georgianna Braden Shooting PSE

“After a year in competition, I knew that I wanted to try out hunting. So, I wanted to get my strength up to the point that I could pull a bow heavy enough to hunt with, which was 40 pounds, to legally hunt in the State of Texas. Often ladies think that shooting archery is like bodybuilding, and they say, ‘I don’t want to build up muscles, so that I’ll look like a bodybuilder,’ but with archery, this concern is not even an issue. I feel physically stronger when I shoot archery, but I don’t feel muscular. Archery just helps improve a lady’s upper body strength. I do feel sleeker. I feel like my arms aren’t so weak, and they’re not flabby.”

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Bow Madness premieres PrimeTime tonight at 9pm CST on Outdoor Channel!

Bow Madness premieres PrimeTime tonight at 9pm CST on Outdoor Channel

Bow Madness premieres PrimeTime tonight at 9pm CST on Outdoor Channel!

With mean PSE rigs, guts and every ounce of skill they have, the Drury Outdoors Team makes a mad dash across the continent to put a Rage in the cage and a buck in the back of the truck. These episodes hit hard and fast as the arrows we sling, and you get to sling some too. One of our fans’ hunts per week will air during the I Shot It With My PSE segment. At the end of the season, all of America will vote on their favorite, and the winner takes home a new Dream Season Edition HuntVe 4×4 electric UTV. It’s archery-only, adrenaline-always. With some of the best bowhunters on the planet.

Outdoor Channel Monday 5 p.m. CST, Wednesday 12:30 a.m. CST, Thursday 9 p.m. CST



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