PSE’s Emily Anderson Preparing For Your Hunt

By Emily Anderson

PSE's Emily Anderson

PSE’s Emily Anderson on a Hunt

Prior to a hunt, there is always plenty of planning to do. While some are managing land, planting food plots and setting up tree stands, my hunts typically take place on public land in the mountains. Therefore, I can’t speak towards the former type of hunt preparation. However, I can tell you about the latter and how we plan for our hunts out west.

In my opinion, the first thing to do if planning a hunt in the mountains is to make sure you are physically prepared. While I don’t think it is absolutely necessary to be able to run marathons, but anything you do to increase your lung capacity and strength will definitely help, especially if you are not used to the altitude. Plus, ladies, it is always fun to be able to out hike the guys!

PSE's Emily Anderson

PSE’s Emily Anderson Hunting Necessities

Second, make sure that you have all the gear needed. Start making lists! If you are planning a backcountry hunt where you pack in all your gear on your back or on horses, it is extremely important to make sure you have all you need. And then, pack your backpack ahead of time. However, if you are bringing a camper that changes things a bit. When hunting elk, we typically bring everything including the kitchen sink if we our hunting out of a camper… including the grill, which makes it nice for grilling fresh backstraps! I still carry around a backpack each day, even though we have camper for sleeping in each night. This allows us to easily stay out all day if necessary.

Here is a breakdown of what is included in my pack on elk hunts. I don’t think there is much difference for girls and guys in what is included, but you be the judge…

Backpack contents for day trips (usually elk hunting):
1. Heat packs
2. Snacks
3. Elk pee (scent wafers) & safety pin to hang on a tree
4. Extra layer of clothes – usually long johns and extra t-shirt for pack out trips
5. Matches
6. Game bag
7. Green cat eyes for walking out in the dark
8. Water
9. Toilet paper
10. Hunting license
11. Camera
NOTE: Since I wear cargo pants, a lot of my other supplies are safely tucked in all the pockets, which also makes things easy when getting ready for an early morning hunt. (Pockets contain: chapstick, range finder, elk calls, wind check and gloves)

Of course, there are a few obvious things missing, but they are safely tucked in my husband’s pack… knives, rope and gps

So…. do you have any special ritual or planning you do in advance of a hunt?

Emily Anderson’s hunting journey began shortly after she got married. She enjoys the passions for the outdoors, hunting and fishing as a team with her husband. She established www.FromTheDraw.com as a way to share her stories as a female hunter. Emily lives in Colorado and is currently on an Elk hunt. She is now a PSE Staff Blogger and will be posting daily about her experiences and views on archery and hunting.

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PSE FleX Cable Slide Technology

2013 PSE Technology – FleX Cable Slide

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Break Your Silhouette For “Spot And Stalk”

By Pedro Ampuero

Pedro Ampuero

PSE’s Pedro Ampuero Spot and Stalk

Almost all the hunting I make is “spot and stalk”, with roe deer even more often “Walk and Stalk” in which you walk through the forest until you spot the animal, which is typically almost at shooting distance. For being successful, is a must that you break your silhouette in order to detect the animals before they detect you.

For this purpose, one thing it has been much more effective for me, is to use macro pattern camos, which really break your silhouette at any distance. Sometimes with more classic camo patterns, which have a high detail level, they look great at close distances, but as soon as you get farther than 30 yards you cannot see the detail and it all looks like one brown piece.

Pedro Ampuero

PSE’s Pedro Ampuero Hunting

My philosophy is to focus more on not looking like a human, than trying to look like a tree. Animals relation the humans to some vertical lines which an average height etc.. Trying to break those lines is the key, specially the lines made by our shoulder and head. For this I use a ghillie hat, but I just leave it over my shoulders, to unify the shape of my head and shoulders. Using a typical cowboy hat is also a great way of breaking that shape.

Pedro Ampuero

PSE’s Pedro Ampuero Face Paint

The last important thing is to camo your lighter parts, like hands and face. Animals spot our white face as good as we spot the white parts of deer in the woods. We all know our life would be much harder if deer wouldn’t have white patches on the tail area. For that I typically use a facemask, or pain my face when the weather is warmer. I also use thin gloves for my hands, measuring, drawing the bow, glassing, etc.. All involves hand movement, and it is always easily detected by deer.

PSE's Pedro Ampuero

PSE’s Pedro Ampuero

It would be great to know your own experiences. Hope you find it of interest, and good luck all in the mountains!
Pedro Ampuero

Pedro is a mechanical engineer by trade and a bowhunter by heart. He is the co-founder of the blog AdventurousBowhunter.com and Cazandoconarco.es and has written many articles for the hunting industry and currently collaborates with the most prestigious companies on the industry.


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PSE’s Albert Quackenbush -Baptism in Southern California

By Albert Quackenbush

Baptism in SoCal

PSE’s Albert Quackenbush Baptism in SoCal

When I moved to California in 2006 I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had no friends here. I knew nothing at all about the hunting here and I was afraid. I’ll be the first to admit that I was fearful because there was so much unknown to me. After asking around, I found a local archery club that met a mile from my apartment and thought I was saved. I showed up with my bow set up for hunting out of a treestand. Right away I was told to either get a bow that would allow me to shoot farther or plan on going back to NY to hunt each year. At first, I was more than discouraged, but it began to toughen me up. When I asked the hunters in the group where I might go to get started not a single one would help me. I can’t blame them as they had worked hard to find their own spots and now I had to do it. The archery range where I shoot beckons people from all over and I took it upon myself to approach archers and start asking those questions. I would walk up to them, introduce myself and share what I was trying to do. It wasn’t until I met a young man and his son that I felt I had my first nugget of information. He shared with me a spot to go try and while it would be tough to hunt, it would give me an idea of what hunting was like out here.

Albert Quackenbush

PSE’s Albert Quackenbush Searching for Huntable Areas

My equipment also needed an upgrade. The bow I had wasn’t cutting for Western hunting. I started asking around; scouring the internet and finally found a bow I wanted to try out. I met the seller at his house and he produced a well-cared for PSE Vengeance compound bow. I had never seen a Vengeance, let alone shoot one. This man helped me in a way he’ll never know. First, we talked and then he insisted I shoot the bow before buying it. While that should be a normal thing to do, I know many people who do not and I was one of them at the time. So I shot it. It felt like it was made just for me. It was a little on the heavier side from what I was used to, but it was a well-built bow with power. As we talked, the man shared that he and his son hunted and that if I ever had any questions or wanted to tag along I was welcome. That gave me hope! While I never did tag along, I am thankful for his support!

During my search for updated equipment, I found another gentleman selling some arrows. Little did I know that this chance meeting would turn into a friendship that would lead to a hunting partner. The purchase of the arrows lead to deeper conversation about hunting in California and hunting partners. It turns out that his partner left for the wilds of Oregon and he was partnerless. We rectified that and within the next couple weeks we were out scouting the area. Some of the areas were not only beautiful, but were exactly what I needed to find.

Albert Quackenbush

PSE’s Albert Quackenbush Boots

Hunting out here is just as much about finding huntable land and wearing out boot rubber as it is to knowing the regulations and laws. Knowing the season dates should be a given, but there are multiple regulations between different game animals, weaponry, and borderlines of private and public land. I review the regulations and fish & game code often to be certain I am hunting the right area, during the right time, with the proper weapon.

Another factor that I hadn’t bargained for are the rattlesnakes. Unlike many people, I think rattlesnakes are very interesting creatures. Snakes are awesome in my opinion. That being said, rattlers can stay awesome from a good distance and not underfoot! They are everywhere out here and while you may never see one, you still have to protect yourself. Wearing snake boots has become the norm for me. Hopefully my encounters with them will be few and far between.


PSE’s Albert Quackenbush SoCal

My advice to anyone wanting to hunt California, or anywhere for that matter, is to ask as many questions as you can. You might be afraid, but everyone has a slight degree of fear. The worst thing anyone can say is ‘No.’ Find the right person and you may gain access to some prime hunting land or land yourself a good friend. The hard work has paid off for me and I know it will for you, too.

Albert Quackenbush has been bowhunting for more than 28 years. He shares his adventures on his blog, SoCalBowhunter.com, and also writes for Bow Adventures e-magazine. He is a Pro Staff member for DIYbowhunter.com, Piranha Custom Bowstrings and Field Logic. He is a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, California Deer Association, and is a Life Member of the North American Hunting Club.

Albert was born and raised in New York State where he learned to hunt everything from squirrels to whitetail deer. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife and daughter and hunts year round.

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PSE’s Dustin Jones How I’m starting My hunting Season

By Dustin Jones

PSE's Dustin

PSE’s Dustin Jones Hunting

Every year there is that time of year that every hunter looks forward too. That time of year is magical. The temperature begins to cool down, leaves change color, and the day dreaming begins. I look forward to hunting season and fall in general. It is my favorite time of year. There is just something about all the colors changing and the leaves falling that gets me going. This year though was a little different.

I was excited for this hunting season just like any other, but there was something that had me even more excited. My wife and I were expecting our second son just before the opening weekend of archery season. There is nothing I enjoy more than being a good father to my kids as well as being a good husband to my wife. That is where the challenge came into play. How was I going to manage my time with my family with a newborn a few days before the archery season?

 Dustin Jones & Dawson

PSE’s Dustin Jones & Dawson

As much as I wanted to be out on opening weekend of the archery season I spent the opening weekend with my family. As difficult as I thought it was going to be to be sitting around not hunting, I was actually a lot more relaxed and happy to spend time with my family. I spent some good quality time at home until I think I drove my wife a little crazy and she told me I should go hunting. So I took to the woods.

I have both an elk tag and two deer tags that were burning a hole in my pocket. I was able to get out to hunt some deer in my tree stand which is pretty close to home, as well as a three day elk hunting trip that we spent hiking and chasing elk. I have been scouting a couple new areas recently and have had some great trail camera pictures of some nice elk in this new area and some awesome whitetails in this other area. I have had several close encounters with elk this year.

PSE's Dustin Jones

PSE’s Dustin Jones Searching For Elk

I was caught off guard by a good little 5 point as we were walking into our hunting spot. We had just started walking down the trail and heard something moving so we had stopped to see what it was. Sure enough just below us we see a nice little 5×5 bull elk standing broadside at 50 yards. I slowly knocked an arrow, clipped on the release, and began to draw. This whole time we were standing in the wide open with no cover in front of us. I was just setting the pin right behind the front shoulder when he turned and bolted. I was a little upset but was glad to have been able to see an elk and only 150 yards from where we parked the vehicle. I’ve been starting my season a little slower than what I usually do but I have been able to get out and see deer and elk while balancing time with my family!

Dustin Jones is a passionate outdoorsman who loves to hunt, especially bowhunt. He created his blog, HighCountryBowhunter.com, to share his experiences with others. He is a Field Staff member for DIYbowhunter.com and Adventure Team member for MINOX Hunting Optics.

Dustin was born and raised in Eastern Idaho where he currently resides with his wife and two sons.

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PSE’s Will Jenkins Starting the Season Off

By Will Jenkins

Will Jenkins

Rob with Velvet

This year I was super excited to start my hunting season as I was starting it a whole month earlier than I ever had. I had several invitations to hunt in Maryland so I took advantage of those invitations and started hunting on September 7th. Maryland’s season doesn’t usually open until September 15th but they opened earlier this year. With Virginia always starting in October I’ve never really had the opportunity to sit in a tree stand when it was in the 80’s. It was hot but a good time! While I didn’t fill a tag on opening day my friend Rob who I was hunting with tagged a very nice 8-point in full velvet as well as a doe. I couldn’t have been more excited for him! The other great thing about hunting Maryland this year is they have opened quite a few Sundays for hunting. Hunting on Sunday in Virginia is still strictly banned while in Maryland they have started to open certain Sundays in specific counties.

Will Jenkins

Will Jenkins Backstrap

The following week I was able to kill what I thought was a small doe but ended up being a button buck still in velvet. The shot wasn’t great due to a pesky spike that kept chasing the deer off. As I was squeezing the trigger he lunged at the button buck causing him to lurch forward as I was shooting making a less than perfect shot. With and arrows covered in a little blood and a lot of gut along with no blood trail I came back the next morning. Within about 45 minutes of looking I found him piled u and the meat was still good! However, in my race against rising temperatures I didn’t get a chance to snap any trophy pictures before he was in the cooler.

The Virginia bow season opened on October 6th. I’ve gotten access to a new property by my house as well as the same properties I had last year. The deer density is nothing like it is Maryland. Hopefully this year I will actually be able to kill a deer in Virginia! Right now my hit list is pretty scarce. I’m not a huge trophy hunter but if he steps out I’ll send an arrow his way! I’ve gotten pictures of some decent little basket 8 point bucks, but I’ve also gotten pictures of a monster 6 point that is huge. Talking to people in the area no one even knew he existed and I’ve never gotten a picture of him during the day time so hopefully he’ll slip up during the rut!

Will Jenkins

Will Jenkins Big Six Side View

So that’s how I’ll be kicking of my hunting season. I hope to follow this post with several successful hunts with some great images of deer falling to a PSE bow!

Will Jenkins is creator of TheWilltoHunt.com and Harnesses For Hunters. He’s an avid outdoorsman who enjoys sharing his experiences through his blog. He also writes for Bow Adventures e-Magazine and is a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association.

Will lives in Central Virginia with his wife and two kids. He hunts in Virginia and Maryland but has dreams of heading west to hunt Elk and Mule Deer.

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PSE’s Jared Bloomgren- Selecting the right equipment for me

By Jared Bloomgren


Jared’s Local Pro Shop -PSE Evo

Selecting the right equipment for each individual person can vary greatly on their aspects or beliefs and what they consider to be the best performing products in their opinion. I am not naive and I do know that there are many great companies out there that make some fine products that will do just as good as other brands. I do not deny that at all. But what do I look for in my equipment?

I look for equipment that will flat out get the job done and get it done reliably without hiccups and shortfalls. PSE has been by bow of choice for over 20 years simply because it is what works for me, PSE Archery products have never let me down, and of course I have brand loyalty to the company as well. I feel like part of the family and I like that feeling of being intertwined with a great company. So I have it narrowed down to my choice of archery companies……now what bow is for me? Each year I shoot each and every model from PSE that I can to get a feel for each bow. I live in the west and I like a bow that has speed and good shoot ability. I look for a bow that is accurate and tunes easily. I look for a bow that fits my personality, a bow that will perform better than I can! But when we are on our game; LOOK OUT! With that being said, the Omen Pro has been my favorite bow to date that PSE has come out with. The speed is nice but speed isn’t what kills right? It is the accuracy and the ability for the shooter to shoot the bow with confidence and accuracy! Well…..I shoot the Omen Pro far better than any other PSE that I have owned and it has the speed that I like to boot! A win –win situation for me! This has been proven time and time again at various leagues and shoots. It just flat out gets it done for me!


PSE’s Jared Bloomgren’s PSE

Other equipment that I use has many of the same characteristics; reliability and dependability. All of the products that I use instill confidence in my set-up. From the laces in my boots all the way to the broadheads that make my arrow a deadly combination and onto the sights that help keep me on mark. I like to use a target that is reliable and stops thousands of arrows a year. I recently acquired a Pro Staff position with Kryptek Gear and I now have hunting clothing that offers everything I look for in hunting garments. Over the years I have determined the best equipment for me and to this day I continue to hone in on the equipment that will make me a better archer and hunter. Trial and error often times comes into play until I find what works perfect for me. It isn’t until then that I help promote these products they best that I can.

Having the right equipment will make anybody more successful in the field. It can take numerous years to find what works best for each person. But in the end, that person needs to find what equipment takes their confidence to a level that will ultimately make them more successful time and time again!

Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren is a hardcore Do-It-Yourself bowhunter who strives to better himself each year in the outdoor community. As a professional hunter, freelance writer and photographer, he likes to relive his outdoor adventures through written expression and photography making the reader feel as if they were along on the hunt. He attributes much of his success to the vital education he has learned from the various big game animals that he hunts. He is quoted as saying, “In each and every hunt, success or defeat, I learn something from every outing and that I can put in my arsenal of knowledge to use at a later date, a later date that will again put my wits against that of my prey.”

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PSE’s Pedro Ampuero’s Tracking Dog

By Pedro Ampuero

Pedro Ampuero

Keeping in the track of the wounded one between all the group of ibex is not an easy task.

It is very common in Europe the use of dogs for tracking wounded game.They are specialist, and only used with wounded game. It is hard to teach a dog to keep on a cold track of a wounded deer when a fresh one crosses it over. All dogs prefer to follow fresh tracks, but if trained correctly they will keep up with the old one.


PSE’s Pedro Ampuero’s Bavarian bloodhound Faco finding an Ibex

Iit is amazing to see these dogs work, since they can follow 24 hours old tracks for over a mile, which is a priceless help for any bowhunter out there. Since not anyone can have a dog and especially the time required to train them, in Spain we have an association with a phone in which you can call and ask for the help of a dog in case you need it.


PSE’s Pedro Ampuero Our latest addition to the family RAM

I particularly have two dogs for this purpose, a Bavarian Bloodhound called FACO, and our latest addition RAM, a young german shorthaired pointer. The first one is only used for tracking wounded game, but the second one we will use it also for small game hunting like quails or partridge.


PSE’s Pedro Ampuero-Tracking this beast for my Dad.

They are a great partners and it is nice to see them work an old track. I think that any hunter should have access to one of these dogs, since shots are not always as good as we would like to. It is also rewarding to see the hunters face when you find the animal after a long search.


PSE’s Pedro Ampuero-Looking for a wildboar my uncle shot the night before.

Shoot straight,
Pedro Ampuero

Pedro is a mechanical engineer by trade and a bowhunter by heart. He is the co-founder of the blog AdventurousBowhunter.com and Cazandoconarco.es and has written many articles for the hunting industry and currently collaborates with the most prestigious companies on the industry.

To learn more about PSE’s top quality bows and bowhunting accessories, click here.

PSE’s Albert Quackenbush Very Enticing..

By Albert Quackenbush

Albert Quackenbush

PSE’s Albert Quackenbush Bow Practice

Four years ago I purchased my first PSE compound bow. It was a 2006 PSE Vengeance. I spent time researching this used bow and found the details to be very enticing. When I met the seller at his house, we spent a great deal of time discussing the bow. Being a lifelong bowhunter himself, he asked that I shoot the bow in his driveway before I purchased it. The fit and feel was just right for me. The draw was smooth, the weight in my hands was perfect and it shot like a dream. The price couldn’t be beat. I made the purchase knowing I had found the right bow for me, but that wasn’t always the case.

One of the biggest challenges I faced growing up was finding the right bow. When I first started shooting a compound bow it was because my dad bought it for me. I shot it often and loved it because he gave it to me, not really thinking about anything else.

Due to lack of knowledge and understanding, I have shot many different bows during my archery career. The most dramatic and hard lesson I learned was when I was 16 years old. I had outgrown my first compound and had to upgrade. My dad took me to a local pro shop to look at some used bows. We could never afford to buy a new one, which I was completely fine with. Just being able to bow hunt was incredible itself.

Once inside the pro shop, we noticed the owner reviewing a bow a gentleman had just brought in to sell. It looked like a great bow and my dad wanted me to try it out. It was selling for a great price and it was within our budget. This is a common mistake made by new bowhunters. They make an impulse buy and later, after shooting it and realizing their mistake, falter and get discouraged.

Albert Quackenbush

Now please understand I do not blame my dad or anyone else. There’s no blame here. It’s a misunderstanding and lack of knowledge. We did not know that you could shoot a few bows, try them out and see which one fit. It felt like we were inconveniencing the pro shop owner by taking our time looking, so we jumped at the chance to buy the used bow. Sure, I shot it (it was a difficult draw) and the bow was way too heavy for my 16 year old frame, but the price was perfect. So we bought it.

For the next two years I shot this bow with my confidence as low as one could imagine. It had no let-off, was heavy and although I was fortunate to take a couple deer with it, I really disliked the bow. With the same tactics as previously described, I went out and bought a new one.

My point in all of this is don’t buy a bow just because it’s on sale or that you think looks cool. Actually take some time to shoot it. Be sure it fits you so that you will own it for a very long time.

I have moved on from that first PSE to other PSE bows because they just fit me even better. I shot a PSE X-Force for years before upgrading to my current PSE Bow Madness. This is a great bow for me and is hands down the best bow I have ever shot. It fits me like a glove, shoots exceptionally well and is quiet. PSE is a company I trust and will be shooting for a very long time.

Albert Quackenbush has been bowhunting for more than 28 years. He shares his adventures on his blog,SoCalBowhunter.com, and also writes for Bow Adventures e-magazine. He is a Pro Staff member for DIYbowhunter.com, Piranha Custom Bowstrings and Field Logic. He is a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, California Deer Association, and is a Life Member of the North American Hunting Club.

Albert was born and raised in New York State where he learned to hunt everything from squirrels to whitetail deer. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife and daughter and hunts year round.

To learn more about PSE’s top quality bows and bowhunting accessories, click here.


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