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Five Secrets to Scouting for Deer Before the Season with PSE’s Mark Drury

Mark Drury

PSE’s Mark Drury

Editor’s Note: Mark Drury of Saint Peters, Missouri, the founder of M.A.D. Calls, co-owner of Drury Outdoor Productions with his brother Terry and a long-time avid bowhunter also is a member of PSE’s Pro Hunt team. This season Mark will be shooting the new PSE Dream Season EVO.

Secret No. 1: I plant green fields with Mossy Oak’s BioLogic in areas where I have easy access with my truck to study the green fields, but I don’t plan to hunt them. I plant long narrow strips that are invisible from a public road but very visible from a woods road. During the summer months, the wind direction in our section of the country often is a south wind. I want these long fields to be where I can either walk-in or drive-in and scout these fields with a south wind, so the deer won’t be able to smell me. I plant two different types of green fields. One is what I call an observation field, which allows me to see the deer on the property during the summer months that I have to hunt. The other field is what I call my hidey-holes. I plan to actually take the bucks from these green fields that are planted in or near thick cover. The way you plant your green fields determines whether you’ll be able to scout successfully for deer season or not.

Secret No. 2: I start hunting a buck in July when the buck’s antlers are just beginning to develop. One of the secrets to consistently taking bucks is knowing which green fields bucks are coming to, and which green fields does prefer. I plant BioLogic in the spring, so I’ll have summer green fields where the deer can feed. I go to these fields in July to identify the trails the deer are using to come into those green fields and put RECONYX motion-sensor cameras along these trails to get pictures of the bucks coming to the green fields. Then I know which green fields each buck is utilizing. Trail-monitoring cameras enable a hunter to find big bucks, and to know where they’re moving quickly and easily and what time of the day or night they’re moving and how big the deer are. Even when I’m scouting, I wear camouflage.

Secret No. 3: Deer change their nutritional needs from green fields to soybean fields, as the summer progresses in Missouri, my home state. One of the keys to scouting is noticing when the deer switch their feeding patterns and then moving your motion-sensor cameras to new trails to keep-up with deer movement. When the Missouri deer leave my green fields and go to soybean fields in August, I change my cameras from the green fields and put them on trails leading to soybean fields and other agricultural crops to learn which bucks are going to these fields. For trail cameras to be effective, you have to move the cameras as the deer change food sources. If you do, you can keep-up with the location of the bucks on the property and watch these bucks’ antlers grow and develop. Another advantage to using the trail cameras is that you disturb the area where you plan to hunt very little. All I have to do to scout efficiently is go to the trail camera and change-out the film, which means I have little human impact on the deer.

Secret No. 4: You must know when to go to the cameras. During the summer months, as I’ve said earlier, the deer will move very little. I’ve learned I usually won’t get more than four or five pictures of deer per day on a good trail during July and August. So, I don’t spend nearly as much time in my hunting area getting the pictures. Another big advantage this method of scouting gives me is that I’m scouting every day from 10- or 20-different locations and not leaving any human scent in those regions. I’m not pressuring the deer that I plan to hunt in the fall during the summer months. In addition to wearing camouflage clothing, I usually wear a head net and gloves when visiting my cameras. I want to get to the cameras as quickly and as quietly as possible, leave as little human odor I can and be invisible to the deer.

Secret No. 5: I like to actually see the deer, especially the bucks I’ll be hunting in the fall, besides using the trail-timer camera. But once again, I want to see the buck from a distance and not disturb him by getting too close. I’ve learned from my motion-sensor cameras that the first 10 days of a full moon is when I’ll see the most big bucks coming to a green field late in the afternoon. I’ll take advantage of the deer’s reaction to the phases of the moon during the summer months, just as much as I do during the fall and winter months. I want to see the bucks on the green field to try and determine their personalities and their temperaments. Some bucks will be very bold, while other bucks will be very skittish. Some bucks will walk right out in the middle of a green field, while other bucks will hold on the edge. By being able to study the bucks through binoculars or spotting scopes from a long distance, I can learn the personality of each buck. If you’re going to go to a green field and study the bucks, you’ll want to go to that field when the most bucks will be on it. I’ve learned that not only most of the bucks, but more importantly most of the big bucks that are using a green field will be out in that green field early in the afternoon for 10 days after a full moon.

To learn more about Mark and Terry Drury and Drury Outdoors, visit http://www.druryoutdoors.com/.

For more bowhunting tips, check-out “Bowhunting Deer: The Secrets of the PSE Pros,” a new eBook for Amazon Kindle by John E. Phillips. You also can go to http://www.amazon.com/kindle-ebooks and type-in the name of the book to find it. Too, you can download a free Kindle app that enables you to read the book on your iPad, computer or SmartPhone.

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Back up Bow by Pedro Ampuero

By Pedro Ampuero

Pedro Ampuero

PSE’s Pedro Ampuero Back Up Bow

We all travel a lot of miles to get to our hunting areas, sometimes by car, train or plane. The hunt is only a few days and all the equipment must work perfect.

To avoid any problem in the hunts, the most important thing is to take care of the bow and bring it in all hunts in the best conditions as possible. Try to have a reliable bow and accessories, you don’t want a sight getting loose, or bow strings stretching with temperature changes. Always take equipment you are confident with, and that you have tested before, hunts are not for trying new things.

Although you do your best to have all your equipment perfect, things always happen in the most unwanted moment, and we can have hundred kinds of things going wrong in the bow. My bow fell down a tree and broke a limb with one of my steel tree steps. I had to throw my bow down the mountain to save my life on a steep area hunting for ibex. All the brush from the Cameroon rain forest moved my peep sight. I have broke sights, rests, releases… Lot of things!

Pedro Ampuero

PSE’s Pedro Ampuero Hunting Gear

Years ago I use to take all the required equipment to solve any problem on my bow I could have. I had a portable bow press and was ready to change strings and cables, also brought spare sights, rests, etc.. This could save your hunt! Although it took a lot of time to solve a major problem on your bow, and all that time you could be hunting. Apart from that, is hard to get the bow as good as you would like. You need to sight again your sight, adjust the rest, etc.. When you are in the middle of the mountains it is hard to do things properly.

For all these reason, I am taking always with me in all my hunts a back up bow. The backup bow is exactly the same rig as the hunting bow, that way I have also a spare part of anything, from sight, rest, bolts,.. At the same time, I am using the exactly same arrows for both, which save extra space. This bow is perfectly set, and I could change one bow with the other and be hunting without even notice. I can distinguish them because they are different camo, that’s it.
What do you do, bring a back up bow or the equipment necessary to solve any problem?

Good luck in the mountains, be safe,
Pedro Ampuero

Pedro is a mechanical engineer by trade and a bowhunter by heart. He is the co-founder of the blog AdventurousBowhunter.com and Cazandoconarco.es and has written many articles for the hunting industry and currently collaborates with the most prestigious companies on the industry.

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PSE’s Jared Bloomgren- Selecting the right equipment for me

By Jared Bloomgren


Jared’s Local Pro Shop -PSE Evo

Selecting the right equipment for each individual person can vary greatly on their aspects or beliefs and what they consider to be the best performing products in their opinion. I am not naive and I do know that there are many great companies out there that make some fine products that will do just as good as other brands. I do not deny that at all. But what do I look for in my equipment?

I look for equipment that will flat out get the job done and get it done reliably without hiccups and shortfalls. PSE has been by bow of choice for over 20 years simply because it is what works for me, PSE Archery products have never let me down, and of course I have brand loyalty to the company as well. I feel like part of the family and I like that feeling of being intertwined with a great company. So I have it narrowed down to my choice of archery companies……now what bow is for me? Each year I shoot each and every model from PSE that I can to get a feel for each bow. I live in the west and I like a bow that has speed and good shoot ability. I look for a bow that is accurate and tunes easily. I look for a bow that fits my personality, a bow that will perform better than I can! But when we are on our game; LOOK OUT! With that being said, the Omen Pro has been my favorite bow to date that PSE has come out with. The speed is nice but speed isn’t what kills right? It is the accuracy and the ability for the shooter to shoot the bow with confidence and accuracy! Well…..I shoot the Omen Pro far better than any other PSE that I have owned and it has the speed that I like to boot! A win –win situation for me! This has been proven time and time again at various leagues and shoots. It just flat out gets it done for me!


PSE’s Jared Bloomgren’s PSE

Other equipment that I use has many of the same characteristics; reliability and dependability. All of the products that I use instill confidence in my set-up. From the laces in my boots all the way to the broadheads that make my arrow a deadly combination and onto the sights that help keep me on mark. I like to use a target that is reliable and stops thousands of arrows a year. I recently acquired a Pro Staff position with Kryptek Gear and I now have hunting clothing that offers everything I look for in hunting garments. Over the years I have determined the best equipment for me and to this day I continue to hone in on the equipment that will make me a better archer and hunter. Trial and error often times comes into play until I find what works perfect for me. It isn’t until then that I help promote these products they best that I can.

Having the right equipment will make anybody more successful in the field. It can take numerous years to find what works best for each person. But in the end, that person needs to find what equipment takes their confidence to a level that will ultimately make them more successful time and time again!

Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren is a hardcore Do-It-Yourself bowhunter who strives to better himself each year in the outdoor community. As a professional hunter, freelance writer and photographer, he likes to relive his outdoor adventures through written expression and photography making the reader feel as if they were along on the hunt. He attributes much of his success to the vital education he has learned from the various big game animals that he hunts. He is quoted as saying, “In each and every hunt, success or defeat, I learn something from every outing and that I can put in my arsenal of knowledge to use at a later date, a later date that will again put my wits against that of my prey.”

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In 2013, PSE Now Offers Color Dampers!

2013 PSE Color Dampers

2013 PSE Color Dampers

PSE is now offering our popular line of damping accessories in colors. Allowing for customization of each bow, each piece is durable, effective and gives a custom look without a custom price. Color kits allow for a total bow “makeover” , individual pieces allow for splashes of color or the ability to have multiple colors on the same bow. Our new limb bands require no bow press and are easily attached to solid or split limb platforms!

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How PSE’s Spook Spann Uses Trail Cameras

S. Spann

PSE’S Spook Spann

Editor’s Note: Today many bowhunters are relying on trail cameras to help them take more and bigger bucks. PSE has asked Spook Spann how he uses his trail cameras to locate, identify and take big bucks for his TV show “Spook Nation” on the Pursuit Channel.

Right now I have trail cameras out in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. Some of these cameras have been out since the last week of July, and some of the cameras have been out since the last week in June. I don’t go to all the states where I plan to hunt in the coming season and putout the cameras myself. I have friends of mine who putout cameras for me in different states, maintain them, send me the pictures and tell me the areas from where the pictures have come. Right now we’re checking the trail cameras about once a week, and all our pictures have time and date stamps. So, we can get really detailed information about the deer passing in front of those cameras. We learn not only whether the deer are bucks or does, and what size antlers the bucks have while they’re still in the velvet, but also how frequently the big bucks are coming to where the trail cameras are positioned, and the time of day we’re most likely to see those deer.

So far, my trail cameras report four or five really nice bucks in Ohio that will score 170-185 on Boone & Crockett. We’ve photographed several bucks in western Kentucky with racks that will score 150-180, and four in Missouri that will score 155-175. In Tennessee I’ve got one or two bucks that will score 160 or better, and I’m excited about finding these bucks, because they’re here in my home state. I try to pick out the bucks I want to try and hunt in each one of the states I travel to, prior to the season. But often, there will be even better bucks that show up in front of our cameras between now and the beginning of bow season. If they do, we’ll change our plans on which bucks we intend to hunt.

PSE'S Spook Spann

Elite PSE Pro Staffer Shooter Spook Spann

Just because we’ve got these bucks on trail cameras and know where they live and the time of day they’re coming in right now doesn’t mean we have a slam dunk opportunity to take one of these bucks. Many things can change between now and hunting season. I like to think I possibly can take five or six of these deer this season, but I know better than to attempt to predict exactly which bucks I’ll take, and when I’ll take them. I prefer to go where I’m hunting with low expectations and be pleasantly surprised.

I’m often asked, “Which trail cameras are you using?” My answer is always SPYPOINT. Another question I’m often asked is, “How do you keep people from stealing your cameras?” I’ve found several different ways to solve this problem. SPYPOINT has a lock box you can put on your cameras to lock them to the tree with a cable. If you’re having problems with people cutting cables to get your trail cameras, they also makes a camera called the TINY-W, which has a receiver separate from the camera that you can hide in another location. Then if someone messes with your cameras, you’ll get a picture of them and you’ll know who borrowed your camera. They also have a 3G camera you can set-up in conjunction with a website, and it will send the pictures to the website so hopefully you can get pictures of the person who’s causing you problems. However, I have most of my trail cameras on private lands, and the landowners usually have a pretty good handle on the people who have been on his property, while my cameras have been up.

To learn more about Spook Spann, visit his website at www.spookspann.com, or email him at spookspann@yahoo.com.

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Which fletching should I use? – Q & A with PSE’s Bobby V

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Carbon Force Bow Madness Arrows

Carbon Force Bow Madness Arrows

Carbon Force Bow Madness Arrows

Editor’s Note: Blake Shelby, the Public Relations and Marketing Director for PSE bows was in charge of showing and promoting PSE’s exciting new youth products at this year’s Archery Trade Association (ATA) meeting, held January 10 – 12 in Columbus, Ohio. Shelby explains that PSE’s line-up of new products majors on new and better bows and accessories for young people in 2012.

Question: Tell us about the new Carbon Force Bow Madness arrows.

Shelby: Along with better bows, better quivers, and better sights, PSE has now designed a better arrow. When PSE came out with the Carbon Force Arrows, with Radial X Weave technology, the bow-hunting world embraced this technology and raced to get the new arrows. These arrows are true wrap carbon fiber. Wrapping the arrow in carbon fiber does amazing things to the performance of the arrow. A truly wrapped arrow does not have a spine or a high spot on it. A seam can cause inconsistent arrow flight if you don’t have the arrow lined up perfectly on the bow each time you shoot. But because a wrapped carbon fiber arrow has no seam, you not only have much more consistency, but you have much more strength in the arrow. PSE’s Carbon Force arrows aren’t nearly as susceptible to side impact as other arrows, and the arrow is much more durable.

After introducing the technology in the Carbon Force arrow, the next step up is the Bow Madness arrow, which features the Radial X Weave technology. The Bow Madness arrow is an affordable, feature-packed arrow that has incredible graphics and also comes with a Fusion Three Vein on the arrow. These are 3-inch veins that give you an incredible amount of stability. These veins are created by fusing a softer plastic on the bottom of the vein, which allows outstanding adhesion to the arrow shaft with a stiffer plastic on the top of the vein, producing really good flight control. These arrows are .003 straightness out and are matched with 5 grains per dozen, and retail for $99 per dozen. Bow Madness arrows are a great value for an arrow of this quality, and they were designed to shoot outstandingly in the new PSE bows.

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A Better Sight for Better Shooters, the PSE Eclipse Micro

PSE Eclipse Sight

PSE Eclipse Sight

Editor’s Note: Blake Shelby, the Public Relations and Marketing Director for PSE bows was in charge of showing and promoting PSE’s exciting new youth products at this year’s Archery Trade Association (ATA) meeting, held January 10 – 12 in Columbus, Ohio. Shelby explains that PSE’s line-up of new products majors on new and better bows and accessories for young people in 2012.

Question: Blake, what makes the new Eclipse Micro a better sight than other sights on the market today?

Shelby: Last year, PSE introduced the new sights of the X-Force bows. PSE wanted a high-end sight that was very strong and carried all the features that bowhunters want when they go to the woods. There’re a variety of new sights for the X-Force bows, but my favorite is the Eclipse Micro sight. This is a heavy-duty, well-built sight, and the main feature of the sight is that it’s one-piece machined. There’s very little slack (wiggle room) in the sight. One of the biggest differences between low-cost sights and higher-priced sights is the precision with which the sight is made, not only the features on the sight.

Any archery company can put a lot of features on a sight, but the real quality in the sight is determined when you loosen the arrow. Does the sight want to fall off of the bow or is it machined very well so that there’re slight tolerances? The PSE Eclipse Micro sight is held to very strong tolerances and detail when the sights are made. Plus it has all of the features that bowhunters want. The Eclipse Micro has an incredible new micro adjustable bubble on it to make sure your alignment is correct before you release the arrow. It also accepts lenses in case you want to put a target lens on the sight for magnification. The Eclipse Micro has micro-adjustments for fiber optics and it also includes a light which is a great feature for shooting in low-light conditions in states where using a lighted sight is legal.

The Eclipse Micro sight was designed to be tough enough to handle hard conditions, while still including all the features bowhunters want in a high-end sight. The sight retails for around $179.99, comes with 5 pins, and the archer can add additional pins if they need them. Take a hard look this season at the Eclipse Micro. You’ll be glad you did, and once you mount it on your bow, you’ll really be able to see why this sight is my personal favorite.

Tomorrow: Carbon Force Bow Madness arrows

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High-Tech Quiver for High Tech Broadheads and Arrows

X-Quiver Three Arrow

X-Quiver Three Arrow

Editor’s Note: Blake Shelby, the Public Relations and Marketing Director for PSE bows was in charge of showing and promoting PSE’s exciting new youth products at this year’s Archery Trade Association (ATA) meeting, held January 10 – 12 in Columbus, Ohio. Shelby explains that PSE’s line-up of new products majors on new and better bows and accessories for young people in 2012.

Question: Blake, Why did PSE develop and introduce a new quiver this year?

Blake: We know that after the PSE engineers develop a new bow or improve one of our best bows like the Vendetta, they don’t just sit on their hands the rest of the year. Our engineers spend time improving the accessories that PSE offers to meet the changing demand of the more-technical target archers and bow hunters. One accessory that the archery community has been excited about is the new X Quiver.

Not only is the X Quiver incredibly reasonably priced, but it also has many new features this year that bow hunters have been asking for. The X Quiver has a really nice on/off mechanism, and it works on retention, so that you just pop it into place. Last year, the X Quiver featured a standard hood that shooters had to force broadheads up into. This year, PSE introduced a foam-free, expandable broadhead-specific hood that has two sets of arrow grabbers. Because we’ve removed the foam from the hood, when you put expandable broadheads into the quiver, the expandable blades aren’t deployed. With this design, you no longer have broadheads sticking into foam in the top of the hood. As broadhead technology has developed, more engineering has gone into developing expandable broadheads that deploy more efficiently and help create better air flight. The price on the new quiver is around $100 to $114. These broadheads are very easy to put on and take off, and they look fantastic on the bow. Although the new X Quiver is specifically designed for expandable broadheads, it’s still a very effective quiver for the fixed-head broadheads.

The X Quiver is a one-piece quiver that allows the broadhead hunter to take the quiver off the bow and hang it in the tree when hunting, and then reattach the quiver to the bow whenever they’re ready to leave the woods. Not only have we seen expandable broadheads getting better and better, we’ve also observed that the majority of bow hunters are shooting expandable broadheads because they’ve become much more durable than in years past. As a general rule, expandable broadheads produce a much larger cutting diameter than the expandable broadheads of the past. As bows have grown faster (especially in the X-Force Line), using fixed broadheads on these faster bows has proven more difficult than in the past, when we were shooting lower-speed bows.

Today, we’re seeing more archers shooting high-performance bows and expandable broadheads. These archers require a different type of quiver to support these broadheads than the traditional quiver. For this reason, the engineers at PSE developed the new X Quiver. The X Quiver meets the demand of these high-performance shooters and their expandable broadheads. The new set of holders in the X Quiver helps to ensure that the quiver and the arrows in the quiver are extremely quiet when being transported.

Tomorrow: A Better Sight for Better Shooters, the PSE Eclipse Micro

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