Bob Walker Discovers Secrets for Bagging PSE Bow Bucks in the South and the North (Part 1) by John Phillips


I shoot the PSE Bow Madness and a Swhacker broadhead on a Gold Tip shaft. I don’t get to shoot my bow as much as I once did, but I have found that the Bow Madness is a bow you don’t have to shoot every day to know that it’s tuned and ready to go hunting. The bow is really forgiving and allows me to place the arrow where I want it to go every time I shoot it. I’ve learned that every year just before deer season comes in, I can sight this bow in, and that’s the last time I have to do that. The Bow Madness is not a temperamental bow.

At the end of the season last year on January 26, 2013, the rut in our area had ended. After the rut’s over, I’ve learned that if I can see a buck, grunt to him and sound like a buck chasing a doe and give aggressive calls, I usually can call him in successfully. I was hunting a green field on a power line when an 8-point buck came within about 150 yards from where I was in a tree stand. The buck was at least a 3-1/2-year old with a swollen neck and a heavy body. I started grunting to this deer with my Quaker Boy Deer Thug grunt call, giving short, quick, fairly-loud grunts, trying to sound like a buck chasing a doe. I think one reason some people can’t call bucks in with a grunt call is because they don’t grunt loudly enough for the buck to hear them. When I grunt with a grunt call, I turn the tube of the grunt call around behind my tree stand. I try and throw the grunt call in several different directions. Then, the call sounds like a buck chasing a doe around in a circle. I want to call fast like the buck is grunting every time one of his front feet hits the ground.


When that big 8-point buck heard me grunting, he stopped eating in the green field, turned and started walking straight toward me. I believe one of the reasons the grunt call is so effective is at the end of the season after the rut, the buck is looking for that last estrous doe that hasn’t been bred yet. Too, if you are calling to a mature buck, it has to come to the call and see if another buck is chasing that one doe. Since I hunted this area regularly, I knew no one had taken a nice deer off the property during the first and the middle part of the season. I had seen this deer on a trail cam picture, and I knew the bucks were still working the scrapes. I knew more good bucks were there. I wasn’t hunting this specific buck.

When the buck was 30-yards from my stand, I realized I had to take the shot, or the buck would smell me. The buck was walking, quartering to me just a little bit. The arrow went through the back part of his shoulder blade. When the buck took the arrow, he started running downhill. He went about 80 yards before I heard him crash. The bucks scored about 126 on Pope & Young as a 8-point. A 126-inch, 8-point is a really nice deer in our part of the country.

Right before Christmas, 2012, our region was supposed to have a warm front come in with rain. I had put some ammonia nitrate on the green field. So, the Mossy Oak BioLogic was really lush, when the nice buck came in to feed on it in late January, 2013.


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